"Teriaca Magna, Mater Omnium Medicinarum"

Protein production and engineering on demand – Purified, recombinant proteins – Antibody engineering – Protein and antibody production, purification, characterization and engineering

We can offer the following in collaboration with a high level research group with work experience at Cambridge and Stanford, high caliber publications in journals including Science, Nature, Cells and PNAS, 20 years experience in protein and antibody production, purification, characterization and engineering.

– Purified, recombinant proteins from our catalog of ~90 proteins, including 40 proteins and mutants from SARS-CoV-2

These have the highest quality and purity, checked with state of the art techniques and used for research work in structural and molecular biology by the producing laboratory.

– Protein production and engineering on demand.

Do you need a protein you cannot find on the market? Or need better quality than the available commercial products? Modify it for your particular purpose? Label it with active nuclei for NMR, MassSpectrometry or else? From production of wild type molecules to simple conjugation, chimeras and stability enhancement mutations, we have long running to put our experience at the disposal of your project.

– Antibody engineering

Do you want to turn your antibody into a bi-, tri- or tetra-specific? A nanobody? Something even fancier? 

We have a proven track record and can help you achieve these and other antibody modifications such as half-life extension, Fc binding modulation and more.

– Protein, antibody and biologics characterization service

We can characterize your molecules with an array of state of the art techniques and profound experience on the cellular and biophysical characterization of molecules and their interactions.

Affinity and binding kinetics (association, dissociation and binding constant) through SPR (Biacore 8k and Biorad proteon), ITC, nano differential scanning fluorimetry.

Stability, homogeneity, aggregation state and general characterization through Dynamic Light Scattering, NMR, CD, chromatography and more.

Quality control protocol development for biologics

We would be happy to discuss your needs and offer tailored solutions.